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[Saturday, December 25th, 2004
Some of you don't know...I have a new journal...

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[Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
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:( [Sunday, December 19th, 2004
Today we went to S.F. to drop off my aunt and cousin at the airport. They're going to Dubai,and I should be going with them but my mom wouldn't let me!! :( Whatevs,at least that mean more time for me to hang out with cool people. After we dropped them off we drove around S.F. and I took pics for photo,pretty sweet. And I'm pretty sure that I'm going to live there when I'm older,it's so gorgeous and the weather is perfect for me. I'm gonna get the house on Marina & Webster,and my mom wants me to buy her the house on Marina & Divisadero. Hah,that would be so tyte. Anyways,movie night last night was cool,Stace Face couldn't join us though,she had to pack for L.A. (lucky botch!). We saw The Girl Next Door,which was funny&cute. I swear I'm gonna buy it! HIS LITTLE BUNS! LMAO! Oh, and "Let's make some fucky fucky!" HAHAHAH. Tonight we're planning on seeing Finding Neverland,which I hear is an extremely good movie.

[edit: 10:15 pm] K well,I just saw it. And I must say it was quite good. It was sad too,but good. Caro was like.bawling lol. Me and Katie were teary. After the movie we just talked and watched the hott guy that worked there. "You can pick up my trash anytime baby." Then we got Starbucks. Now I'm home.[/edit]

P.S. Stacie needs to come home!

AHAHAHAH!!Collapse )
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IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!!! [Friday, December 17th, 2004
[ mood | happy ]

School was pretty cool,Katie Caro & Stacie brought me Starbucks after A per.! YAY! And we made Caro a poster and everything,she seemed really happy so that's good. :)
Tonight was awesome. Caro picks me up in her sweet ride,with Katie,Stacie,and Caro's friend Fran (for short lol). We go to Chevy's,it was cool cause we were susposed to wait for like 20 min,we were there for about 5 when we see Josh,who graduated last year,and he just gave us a table. We order our food and everything,and these ladies were sitting at the table next to us and I guess they mist have had one margarita too many cause the waiters came to sing one of the girls happy birthday,and after she saw Katie looking at her and she points to her friend and is like,It's her birthday! Haha,no shit! Then they sang for Caro. After that we were done eating,and we were waiting outside for Stacie's padre,and dancing around and stuff. Hella funny shit happened...
Caro: "The hat won't come off my head. It's seriously stuck there."
She bends over and the hat comes off..funniest face EVER!!!
Oh yes,and we can never forget the best moment by Katie Face::
LMFAO X 37659375676476
Totally perpendicular to the fourth power!!
Then we drop off Caro Face,hXc dance on her front lawn which was pretty fucking sweet. Me and Katie Face waited at Stacie Face's house to be picked up,and watched America's Next Top Model Woo Woo!!
And now I'm home.
P.S. Katie Face I'm calling the SRVHS Newspaper tonight!! She's in love! hahahaha

P.P.S.....I have pics!Collapse )

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[Thursday, December 16th, 2004
I'm excited for tomorrow...cause it's surprise surprise....
And with all this drama that's going on,all I can say is THANK FUCKING GOD that it's break time. I just love how people want to know our side of the story,but no they just go and assume what they think happened by shit they heard. Whatever,I'm over it,I realize you can never really know a person. Whatevs...
I finally got some Christmas shopping done,haha,I'm so behind. To all my friends I'm lame and I'll try and give you your presents before x-mas.
Anyways,that's about it. P.S. I love my friends and you know who you are. Shit like this happens and you find out who really will stick by you. Ya know I always got your back<3
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FILL IT OUT...you know you wanna ;) [Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

I stole this from </a></b></a>

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<3 [Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
"hey, keep your chin up. life goes up and comes back down again. this just happens to be one of the down times. you'll come back up again. look forward to that. i dont know who you are, and you dont know who i am, but sometimes the people you dont know are the best people to talk to. you'll make it through alright. good luck amanda."

heh. it's funny how a total stranger can do something as little as leave a comment and make your day so much better.
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SHITTY SHITTY FUCK FUCK [Monday, December 13th, 2004
What to say about today. I got a B on my Chem test. An A on my math test. (Good)
There's hella drama going on. I may have lost one of my best friends? (Bad)
But maybe there's still hope for tomorrow.
I need a vacation. :/
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NOT SO SILENT NIGHT! [Saturday, December 11th, 2004
OK so I just got back from NSSN. It was like,the best night of my life!!!!
All about the showCollapse )

PicsCollapse )
Well,that was my glorious night. Effin AMAZING. No matter how shitty my week may have been this makes up for everything. And Caro,I'm sorry you couldn't go you would have had SO much fun. <333
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SHIT SHIT.... [Thursday, December 9th, 2004
...is what I feel like. I don't even know why.....
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[Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
It effin rained today! But it pissed me off cause it only rained at school,and stopped as soon as school was out. Ahh so anyways,today was ok I guess,it was school so I don't know how good it could have been. Today I was reminded of why people just piss me off,I dunno it's these weird days I have when I'm just in this mood where I don't like anyone. Except for my friends,which I love<3 cause they always seem to make things better. OK sorry I'm crazy.
Well anyways,I got my nails did today! My sister decided not to hate me after all and take me.
And that's pretty much it.
Two days til Not So Silent Night. I found out Caroline R. is going too,which is pretty sweet.
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LALALALAAAAA [Monday, December 6th, 2004
You know your addicted to LJ when....Collapse )

This one hell of reminds me of my family LMFAO You know your Mexican when...Collapse )

Anyways,things have been lame. On Sat. I went to the wedding in S.F.,my cousin and I got bored cause they didn't even have any dancing so we went across the street to the bowling alley to play air hockey. It was pretty fun.

[edit]:: Uhmm ya it's RAINING right now!! Hell yes botches.
it's killing me

sheeit [Saturday, December 4th, 2004
So last night was pretty sweet,after school I went to Ale's house,we saw White Chicks which was effin halarious. Then we went to Andrea's so we could go to Blake's surprise party,we stopped at Safeway before and then Kelsey calls us saying Blake's gonna be home in any minute. So we freak out and call Dylan so that he can take longer with Blake. But when we got on Blake's street their car was right in front of us,so we freaked out and turned on random streets,then we get out at Blake's and just run to the back screaming surprise lol. It was cool,Blake had no idea that any of this was gonna happen,and she was really happy. So ya,we played Kelsey's mix CD that had Gravy Train on it and danced to that lol.And we did heluim haha and sang songs,ate,took pictures. Which I have right here that I stole from Ale<3::
why you always gotta be hella flashin on me gurrrllCollapse )
Fun times. Later on today we are going to a wedding in San Fracisco. Any ways P Out!! Hope you all are having a fun weekend.

partying is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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<3 [Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
[ mood | sick ]

I love my friends. Well I've been sick the last 2 days so I haven't gone to school,I had the stomach flu and it sucked ass. I'll probably go tomorrow though. So ya,not much has happened but I got to watch some movies I haven't seen,21 grams,love actually,and uhmm some more lol. Other than that I've done nothing. Caro left today to New York and I didn't get to say goodbye!! :( Well Caro I hope you have fun. And really soon we're gonna go and get a christmas tree! yay I love December.
K well this has been pointless hope y'all are having fun in school...p out.

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EFF YOU LJ!!! ARRRRR [Monday, November 29th, 2004
[ mood | Cold-this house is effin COLD ]

I typed this whole entry and LJ erased it all!!! Sdtioysnbgihgdskgh
So,as I was saying before..I am back from Texas,overall it was an OK trip,we just chilled at my grandma's house. The night before we left I was on the phone with Ale til 3 am. Haha,so I got like,2 hours of sleep. So blah blah we get to my grandma's house (we call her Moggie) and it was me, my sister Lauren, my brother Adam (who will now be referred to as the Douche - cause that's what he is) and my mommy. So we get to Moggie's house,it's like my second home lol. I love it cause it never changes,ever since she's moved there in 1970 she still has the same furniture and everything,it's pretty sweet. I used to be kinda worried for her,cause hse lives there all alone,but she has cool people who call her and see her everyday,so that's nice. Later on my other half-sister Kelsia came by and we just talked and stuff. The next day on Thanksgiving (aka Katie Jones Day lolol) it was kinda weird cause we usually have a shit-load of people over,and it's always noisy and stuff,but this year it was really quiet which was weird. It was cool though,we had good food and I gaine 37448956 pounds. I swear,I'm so lucky that I don't live in Texas cause all I do when I'm there is eat eat eat,If I did live there I would be SO obese. No joke. So ya,it was a pretty neat trip until Saturday when Lauren and the Douche made me sad,they were just being really mean and they knew they hurt my feelings,but what pisses me off even more is that they can't even give a fucking apology. Like,if you know you hurt someone's feeling is it so hard to say "I'm sorry"????? So ya,I spent most of Saturday not talking to anyone but Moggie who seemed to be the only one who fucking cared about my feelings.
Sunday the Douche was being a douche as usual,which made me mad. I don't know what the fuck his problem is. He feels the need to give his opinion on everything,but it's like SHUT UP if we want to know what you think we'll ask. Our flight from Houston Hobby to Dallas was ok,I slept a lot and got to sit next to this really hott guy. HAHAHA...Then we had to wait at Dallas for 2 hours,the Douche would not stop talking and complaining,and I know I'm complaining about him right now but you don't understand,I've never wanted to hit someone SO HARD. So then we finally get on the plane to Dallas and Douche was up a couple rows so he couldn't talk to us. But like,30 mins into the flight the girl sitting in the row in front of us threw up,and the smell almost made me throw up AGHAHG I was gagging. We turned the fans on lol so the smell would go away and after a while it finally did. It sucked though cause we were in the very last row,so the engine was right there and I got this really bad headache. After what seemed like 398539465 hours we finally got home. My aunt picked us up. On the ride home Douche was,yet again,being a Douche,I mean I always knew he was a douche but it's never been this bad. EVER. I was just about to slap him when we got home and THANK GOD he left. Uhmm what I want to know is when the fuck is he gonna move out. So anyways,this entry has been really long and no one's gonna read it but I TOOK PICS!!! So here they are::
Well..that was my break,hope yours was fun.<3

jb/jlsfh8 <-----my cat just jumped on the keyboard. She says hello.

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PEACE OUT Y'ALL!! [Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
[ mood | giddy ]

Hey boches lol,or poptarts as Caro calls them haha. So today was cool,I chilled most of the day and packed,then around 7 I went to Caro's house,sadly Ale could not join us. But it was cool,we sat around for a while pondering what to do,haha,then we called Tyler aka Tittie Ho and he picked us up,and we drove around D-ville until Caro saw Brian at work,so we made Tyler turn around so we could say hi. Then we decided to be cool and go to Extra Mile,and then Brian met us there,then we decided to go to the movies but Tyler couldn't come. Then we had to stop by Brians house and then we decided not to go the movies after all and go to Sycamore Park on the swings haha. But then it got too cold. So we went to Caro's house and played Dance Dance Revolution which I sucked terribly at but Caro was so effin good. And Brian was good too,he looked so funny doing it though. So then after a while we had to leave so Brian drove me home. So overall it was a good night. I so wish I had a camera though haha.
Anyways,I have to wake up in about 5 hours to get on a plane to Texas. Double you tee eff. I get to miss out on all the fun. :( I'll be gone til Sunday,so don't forget about me!!
What's that Lassie?? Timmy's stuck in the well?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
K,I'm done. P out y'all...have a fun break and party hard for me. <3
P.S. Steph,I love you,and I'm really sorry about what happened,it truly shocked me. If you need anything you can always talk to me,I'm here for you!! I love you!!!

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I Am The Way Of The Future [Sunday, November 21st, 2004
[ mood | ndsofigysonb ]

Umm so today was sad/happy.
I went to Berkeley with my sister and she got me a sweatshirt. (:
Martine called me!!! It was like,the best surprise of my life! And she's going to be home all break. And by Christmas,she's going to move back here and be back at school. Yesss I'm sooo happy!!!!!!
My Chemical Romance is having a concert. On December 10. Which is the same day as Not So Silent Night. Which means that I can't go.
Other than that nothing has happened. Last night I went to Ale's and we watched Stimata and sang hXc metal songs. Fuuunnnn. Then today when I got home my sister left so I just watched TV all day lol...exciting.
Ya I like pictures. So here are some I took from Katie::

Katie and Caro

Katie and Me(EWW!)

Caro and Tyler(aka "Tittie Ho")

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hXc extreme [Saturday, November 20th, 2004
I'm pretty sure last night was like,the most amusing night of my life. So I go to Ale's,then we meet Caro,Katie and Brian and Caro's house,he drives us to the show at Iron Horse,and we meet up with Molly there. So the first couple of bands were lame-wads,so we were sitting outside and taking pics. Then The Program came on and all these kids were hardcore dancing,for some reason this was the funniest shit I've ever seen and I couldn't stop laughing. And these two girls were like,beating the shit out of each other. Ya well I have pictures that I stole from Ale so here they are(theres quite a lot by the way)::

Pics From Last NightCollapse )
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LALALALA [Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
Woo okok so I got my hair re-dyed and I cut bangs and I wanna know what you all think::
MY NEW DO!Collapse )
So ya...other then that nothing has happened,I didn't go to school today. Sahar came over for a while to use my computer. I'm really excited for it to be Thanksgiving break because waking up at 6 am just doesn't cut it anymore.
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I'M BORED AND SO YA....WHATEVER [Monday, November 15th, 2004
[ mood | calm ]

(A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. a musical artist, song, or album:

(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

(C) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.

I stole this from ooh_here_we_go

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